#BeTheBeacon Campaign

اقرأ باللغة العربية



This is a campaign to mobilize Arab social entrepreneurs.

Poverty in the Arab world is growing while it decreases globally.. The Arab region contains 55% of the world's refugees, but only 5% of the world's population. In Syria, poverty levels have reached 80% while life expectancy has decreased by 20 years. In Egypt, 24 million people live in poverty while one in three cannot read or write. In Lebanon and throughout the region, around 30% of women and youth are unable to access jobs.
Social entrepreneurs are making a difference. These are the people on the frontlines, challenging the status quo, serving the most marginalized populations and creating a new equilibrium.
Alfanar (meaning ‘Beacon’ in Arabic) finds the social entrepreneurs who are demonstrating measurable results and works with them to strengthen, sustain, and scale their impact by providing financing and critical management support. Over the course of our investment, social enterprises we support reach 36% more people each year and generate 49% more revenue to serve their communities each year.
We are your platform to serve as a beacon of change!

Our Call to Action

We challenge you to apply the most innovative methods to mobilize resources based on your skills, network, and talent.
There are many ways to #BeTheBeacon:
  • Set up a monthly contribution or make an annual investment
  • Ask your employer to match your contributions
  • Creating an event at work or with friends
  • Climb, run, walk, or bike for change
  • Create an online campaign (See: Everyday Heroes)
  • Dedicate your birthday, wedding, or other special occasion
  • Sign up as a mentor, pro-bono or in-kind contributor
  • Other (it’s up to you)!

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Share Your Story

#BeTheBeacon is about how anyone can become a social innovator and change the world for the better.
We invite you to share your story using photos or a short video. Tell us your name, where you live, what social entrepreneurship means to you, what you are doing to #BeTheBeacon, and what you want others to do!
Post your story on your social media using the hashtag #BeTheBeacon, and tag @AlfanarVP so we can like and share. You can also post directly on our Facebook page.
The most innovative beacon who reaches the highest number of likes/views and funds will be invited to spend a weekend at Deir el Qamar thanks to the generous partnership of social entrepreneurship pioneers Soul El Tayeb.
(Tip! Horizontal footage works best, and if you can have someone film you rather than using a selfie the resolution will be higher.)

How the funds are being used to change the face of the region:

Together For You

£28 provides training and employment to a disadvantaged women or man in Egypt to serve as a caregiver for the elderly. ~Together for You

Ana Aqra

£100 will teach a child how to read and write, changing their life forever by giving them the opportunity to fulfill their love of learning. ~Ana Aqra


£350 provides ten widows the training they need to start a small business.
~Future Eve Foundation



£2,000 will tutor 100 at risk youth in the Lebanese public school system, to pass their official exams and obtain their degrees rather than dropping out of school. ~MMKN

Inaash£30,000 provides 200 refugees with a life-changing income by reviving the dying art of traditional Palestinian embroidery. ~Inaash

WPA£50,000 will contribute to establishing a children’s centre in a refugee camp.
~Women's Program Association



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#BeTheBeacon Videos

Watch our #BeTheBeacon videos below. Join the movement; send us your video via social media.


Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund


Samer Sfeir, CEO and Founder of ShareQ


Mariam Shaar, Chief Executive of Women's Programs Association


Sara Al Omran, Social Entrepreneur

Sarah Chahine, PHD Student in Social Entrepreneurship


Karim Tayara, Football Coach and Social Entrepreneur


Lama Mattar, Professor of Nutrition at the Lebanese American University


Thomas Vailleux, Social Entrepreneur with Friends of the Middle East