Building Venture Philanthropy in the Arab world

  Alfanar is the first Arab venture philanthropy organisation. Alfanar provides innovative charities, nonprofits, and social enterprises that successfully pass through our selection process a customised mix of: 1)    financial grants 2)    management guidance 3)    technical expertise

Six years into Alfanar’s journey, Tarek would be proud

Six years ago, when we set out to establish Alfanar, the idea was to source three innovative, grassroots projects in Egypt that could positively impact the communities they served.  We were willing to take risks on untested ideas in different sectors; spend hours working closely with the organisations implement

Through Alfanar’s support, Bashayer achieves full-capacity production, increasing incomes for women producers by 60% in 2010

In 2007, when I first visited Bashayer’s women’s cooperative, I was impressed by the quality and beauty of its crochet work and textile products.  The women who worked in the production unit visibly invested much time and effort to produce curtains, bed covers and tablecloths decorated with intricate crochet stitches.

Alfanar reaches out to the next generation through “Jussoor. Connect for Change.”

Over the past four months, Alfanar has been developing an exciting new initiative that will allow us to tap into the next generation of philanthropists, social entrepreneurs and individuals who are passionate about the Arab world.  Jussoor, meaning “Bridges” in Arabic, will serve as a platform for motivated young individu

Welcome to the Alfanar blog!

Over the coming weeks, we'll be providing you with lots of exciting updates on our development work in Egypt, the launch of Jussoor, our youth outreach initiative, and our expansion plans for 2011. In the meantime, go to our website to learn more about our work.