Investments in Action

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Alfanar’s Managing Director Myrna Atalla and SODIC Senior Communications Manager Nadine Okasha work with Bashayer’s management team in Egypt to analyse sales and costing issues. Bashayer’s cooperative sewing and crochet production unit, located in Helwan, employed 185 women in 2011.

The Shomoo Association for Sustainable Development works with 300 children in 6 villages in Minya to promote principles of gender equality and tolerance through extracurricular programmes. Shomoo’s work with children supports its wider project to combat domestic violence in Minya.

Al Mawred Al Thaqafy hosts a performance in Cairo to showcase the talents of the 75 students enrolled in its El Darb El Ahmar Arts School for Children. In years to come, Alfanar’s investment will allow for the development of a professional troupe of performers that can generate income.

The Future Lights for Development Organisation (FLDO) trains 36 preschool staff to provide 480 children with a high-quality, interactive Montessori education. Since 2007, FLDO’s early childhood education programme has benefited 2,274 children living in Cairo’s slums.

The Kelmetna Association for Dialogue and Development trains 13 youth facilitators and 12 teachers in El Marg, Cairo to lead activities that build resiliency among 124 children with high exposure to violence and abuse.

Alfanar initiates investment in the Bedayaat Foundation’s project to provide a safe space for children living in Minya’s Badawi Shelters. Many of these children spend their days selling trinkets in the streets but through literacy and numeracy classes as well as a multifaceted arts education programme, they can develop skills to cope with life’s difficulties. 350 children will benefit from Bedayaat’s education and empowerment programme.