Social Entrepreneurs Unite!

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We've shared earlier the successful collaboration between WPA's Soufra and Souk El Tayeb, one of Lebanon's leading social enterprises. Through training, branding, marketing and partipating in their weekly farmer's market in downtown Beirut, Souk El Tayeb was a key ingredient to Soufra's success. Today, we're writing to share the latest step in the synergistic relationship between these two social enterprises. Pictured above is Wafaa Khalil, one of the Soufra ladies, who obtained full time employment at Tawlet, Souk El Tayeb's popular restaurant, earlier this year.

Wafaa was paid a surprise visit today by Myrna Atalla, Alfanar's executive director, and Teresa Chahine, Alfanar Lebanon director. "WPA for me was a place to go every morning, a community that allowed me to fulfill my role in society as a Palestinian refugee woman. Soufra opened new doors for us that we never dreamed of. When Souk El Tayeb announced that they had a vacancy and offered me the position, it changed my life. Now I come to work every day, support my family, and share our heritage with the world. People love Palestinian cuisine, and look at me with a new set of eyes once they've tasted my food!"