Future Eve Foundation

Minya, Egypt
Alfanar Investee since:
Total Alfanar investment:
£327,000 (includes funding Alfanar received from DFID)
Current cost recovery:
Social impact:
435 widows have made loans to one another through social fund groups; 530 widows have received financial literacy training and, on completion of training, microloans to start enterprises.

In Minya and Beni Suef, the Amal Project is helping widows and female breadwinners sustain themselves and their families.

The Challenge

While approximately 60 percent of women in the developing world are engaged in some form of paid labour, among widows, this statistic drops to 20 percent. In Egypt, widows and female heads of household – who are estimated to head up 57 percent of Egyptian households - are particularly vulnerable to socioeconomic disparities.

The organisation

Established in 2001, the Future Eve Foundation is one of the leading organisations working with women in Minya and works to raise awareness among women on topics ranging from their legal rights to reproductive health issues and to prevent female genital mutilation.

In 2012, Future Eve launched the Amal Project, an economic empowerment initiative that uses vocational and financial literacy training, as well as microloans, to equip Minya’s widows with the resources to launch their own microenterprises to sustain themselves and their families.

What we've done together

Through Alfanar’s support, the Future Eve Foundation piloted the Amal Project (which means ‘Hope’) in 13 rural villages in Minya that provided vocational and financial literacy training, microloans and project support for widows to launch and run their own businesses. The Amal Project also equipped widows to start their own social lending funds, giving women training in how to borrow from and lend to one another. In addition to grants, Alfanar gave training for FEF’s staff on monitoring and evaluation and also sourced a financial consultant who continues to provide expertise for the project.