The Future Lights for Development Organisation

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5,150 lives transformed, including children, their parents and preschool staff.

FLDO is expanding high-quality pre-school education in the slums of Cairo with its innovative teaching and curricula.

The Challenge

Less than 20 percent of children in the Middle East attend preschool, trailing the world average of 30 percent. The majority of preschool programs in the region are for-profit ventures, concentrated in cities.  There is a dearth of preschools providing services for the region’s poorest children, particularly those in rural areas, and the quality of the preschools that do exist is often subpar, lacking curriculums, trained staff and hygiene awareness. 

What we’ve done together

In 2007, with Alfanar seed funding and management support, the Future Lights for Development Organisation (FLDO) established a Montessori-style nursery that serves as a training hub for other nurseries operating in slum areas. Over time, our investment has enabled FLDO to provide top-class care and instruction to 29 day care centres, reaching 3,500 children.  And by involving parents and the wider community, FLDO is also inspiring change across the many slums areas it works in.

In 2014, we took FLDO on a study mission to Bangalore in India to learn from the innovative Hippocampus Learning Centres. The trip gave both FLDO new approaches to draw on in developing its own ambitious new business plans, which clearly identifies break-even horizons.