Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon
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MMKN reached a total of 1699 public school students achieving a “brevet” pass success rate of 96%, compared to 50% among students not participating in their program in the same schools

With its innovative volunteer mentor programme, MMKN is helping to keep teenagers in school and giving them the chance of a better future.


The Challenge 

The Lebanese public school system is struggling to cope with the needs of an exploding refugee population – many children leave school without basic literacy. Dropout rates are high, peaking at 4th and then 9th grade, a time when students take the “brevet” exam, which is decisive as to whether they are able to continue to high school. 

The Organisation

MMKN, meaning ‘It’s possible’ in Arabic, recruits and trains University students to become volunteer tutors. Using a curriculum developed by MMKN to reinforce brevet-level public school teaching, students coach disadvantaged pupils to ensure that they are ready to take the exam. The results speak for themselves: over the past 4 years, MMKN has created a network of 220 volunteer tutors to reach 1699 students across Lebanon, 96% of which passed their brevet exam. 

What’s Been Achieved with Alfanar’s Support

Alfanar worked with MMKN to establish a fee-based after-school programme with the objective to fund its work with disadvantaged children.  In the first year, the Study Room delivered 347 hours of private tutoring to 35 students from various private universities and high schools, employing 15 of MMKN’s University Students tutors. The success rate of students who benefited from this tutoring was 100%

Looking Ahead

With the introduction of the new SAT, a major need for tutoring has been identified and will be added to the Study Room services. The revenue for the Study Room is forecasted at a 100% year-on-year growth for the next 5 years.