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Social impact:
ShareQ trained and helped find employment for 100 socially and economically disadvantaged women and young people within the food and beverages industry

A ‘learn and earn’ impact model that equips disadvantaged youth and women with skills to participate in the economy.

The challenge

Women from disadvantaged communities in Lebanon have restricted access to income-generating opportunities, typically lacking marketable skills and professional training opportunities. This, combined with surrounding social factors and norms, creates major barriers to their ability to get a job and become economically productive.

The organisation

ShareQ's social catering line M Social Catering uses an impact model called ‘learn and earn’, and has already won numerous awards. Trained by a certified chef, women learn key skills including food safety, preparation and presentation, as well as the soft skills that will fully equip them for professional catering jobs. M Social Catering then aims to find job placements for the women who have graduated from the training.

This innovative model is not only equipping disadvantaged women with marketable skills that substantially increase their chances of earning a steady income for themselves, but also leveraging an untapped resource.

What's Been Achieved with Alfanar's Support

Alfanar has worked with M Social Catering to increase its operational efficiency and improve its cost recovery - for example. by increasing profits from catering events, as a way to become more self-sustainable. ShareQ has also expanded its training program (which is now called LEAP) to reach new beneficiaries and include blue-collar jobs beyonf the food industry.

Looking Ahead

By 2019, they aim to integrate 250 trainees into full-time jobs so that they can sustain 1,000 family members. They will also create stronger linkages with employers and provide their trainees with transitional employment on a freelance basis within their catering line and in the production of a new innovative snack product called Hum n' Go.