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Bringing jobs to Arabic speaking refugees across the world through the online economy.

The Challenge

The Syrian conflict has triggered the worst refugee crisis since World War II, with an estimated 11 million Syrians having fled their homes since 2011. In Lebanon, 1 in 4 people arenow Syrian refugees. Lacking access to the formal labour market, unemployment is a major problem for displaced people, with many becoming trapped in a spiral of joblessness and poverty in their host countries.

The Organisation

Established in 2015 by two graduates of Colombia’s School of International and Public Affairs, Natakallam leverages online communication technology to pair Arabic-speaking refugees, mainly based in Lebanon, with Arabic learners worldwide. Through Natakallam refugees are able to secure a valuable source of income for themselves and for their families, thereby escaping the poverty trap and gaining stability, independence and choice.

Investment Focus

To date, some 60 Syrian conversation partners and over 1500  individuals across 60+ different countries (with the majority in the US) have engaged in Natakallam sessions. The conversation partners have had more than 13000 hours of conversation sessions, and have generated more than US$ 150,000 of revenue for themselves.